Friday, November 8, 2019

WG Therefore again

Five of us went to Therefore Cafe again to have lunch.

Previously I ordered Pesto Penne Pasta at MYR 22+ (10% service charge = MYR 24.20 nett) so this time I ordered Caesar Salad at  MYR 20+ (MYR 22 nett). The salad has slices of grilled chicken in it and a lot of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I finished the whole portion which was just the right amount for my lunch.

Piccolo Pan at MYR 24+ (MYR 26.40 nett). My friend likes this dish and says that it is very tasty.

Tom yum pasta at MYR 21+ (MYR 23.10 nett). The other 2 friends ordered a plate of grilled salmon each at MYR 36+ (MYR 39.60 nett).

Total bill for 5 pax is MYR 188.10 nett. An average of about MYR 37.62 per pax. We will be back if we have an occasion to celebrate with a nice meal.


  1. I think i will enjoy the piccolo pan too.

    1. of all the dishes here so you like piccolo pan best.

  2. I'd like a hardboiled egg in Ceasar's, the yolk still runny. The Piccolo Pan looks good.

  3. The food looks pretty good. And you know what? I like those plates LOL!

  4. Great looking food which I think taste just as great.

  5. Everything looks good! From to coffees to that piccolo pan.