Monday, November 25, 2019

WG Soy Meat

Whenever we eat lunch at SkyHaus, Taman Mayang, PJ, I would order Nasi Lemak because it is good value for money and tastes good. This time, I did not bring a container to keep the sambal of the nasi lemak so I decided to order some other rice dishes. Which rice dish would you order from these 2-pages rice menu?

After looking through the 11 rice dishes, I decided to order the dish shown on the lower left corner of the above menu page - Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Rice at MYR 9.50 nett.

Does the dish look like the picture on the menu? My friend gave me all her garlic bread from her borsch soup. I kept half the dish above for dinner.

There are 6 pieces of sweet and sour soy meat. I was surprised to see that there are two parts in one cube of soy meat - the top part is whitish in colour to represent the fatty part of pork and the bottom part has meat-like texture but they are all made from soy. Taste is acceptable but you won't be fooled into thinking that they are meat.

For Nov 2019, they are having a promotion where every MYR 20 spent will be entitled to a scoop of ice cream worth MYR 12.50 nett. My friend does not eat ice cream so I ate the whole one scoop of elderberry ice cream which I chose because they told me that it has a tinge of sour taste which it has only a very faint sour taste. Elderberry ice cream tastes nice.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR 30.90 nett with a free scoop of ice cream worth MYR 12.50 nett.