Friday, November 29, 2019

Childhood and Beauty

This kiosk at the Gardens Mall sells all sorts of items from the childhood of those born in the 1960s. I believe it is an outlet of a similar kiosk in MyTown Mall.

Beauty in a Pot steamboat has opened for business in the Gardens Mall. It is located next to Rakuzen. I wonder who chose the colour scheme and do the branch in Genting Highlands and the main store in Sg use this colour scheme as well.

The soft opening was on 8 Nov 2019 (Friday).


  1. The colour scheme looks very nice.

  2. I would not know it is a steamboat outlet. What a name and colour.

  3. Oh dear, I would think it is a beauty shop. Lol! Pretty and sweet colour scheme.

  4. I love that bear but I really can't see what it has got to do with a hotpot place.

  5. I also thought it was a beauty shop at first!

    1. hahahaha! I wonder who design the decor. perhaps that is their intentions, since this steamboat shop name is beauty in a pot.

  6. I really would think SASA opened another sister company with pinkish theme.