Wednesday, July 24, 2019

WG Wagyu More

We went to Wagyu More, the Gardens Mall to celebrate a friend's 27 birthday. We selected the weekday set lunch option of just one single plate of meat with unlimited vegetables (buffet style) at MYR 28.80++ (MYR 33.40 nett) and we were given just one hour for our meal. I have expressed how I feel about steamboat and hotpot meals during my previous lunch session at Sukishi, Starling Mall back in 2018.

They also have this Cooked-To-Order option at just MYR 15.80++ (MYR 18.32 nett) but we did not choose this option.

They have single soup pots or two types of soup in one pot and we chose to have single soup pots. I selected Kombu soup (seaweed soup) whereas my friend chose spicy pork bone soup.

My single meat plate has 4 very, very, very thin slices of beef.

The Kombu soup turned murky after I put the beef slices inside the soup.

We can help ourselves to a few stations in the restaurant: raw vegetables, drinks, ice cream soft serve, cooked food, salad and dessert sections. This is the salad and desserts station.

I tried these 3 cakes: matcha, is it corn or mango, and yam cakes. Passable.

We are reminded that there is a penalty for unfinished food that we have taken from the various stations so please don't waste food.

Wagyu More restaurant at the Gardens Mall which started business here on 31 Aug 2018, Friday last year.

Summary of options available.

There are 8 types of soup base to chose from: pork bone, sukiyaki, spicy pork bone, japanese curry, kombu (seaweed), tomato, kimchi and miso.

My friend chose US Pork Loin and I chose Australian Beef Chuck Roll because it is less fatty than Australian Beef Brisket.

These meats are for the Premium Buffets which are way more expensive at above MYR 100 nett per person.

After lunch, we bought one small cute bunny cake at MYR 15.30 nett for our friend from The Garden Chateraise bakery.

There is a cute panda which we did not buy that is made of white chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, marshmallow, fresh cream and chocolate sponge cake.

Cute bunny is delicious my friend says. I guess she likes to eat strawberry fresh cream, chocolate, strawberry mousse, pistolet chocolate, strawberry sauce, marshmallow, fresh cream and vanilla sponge cake. Wiki says pistolet which literally means "little pistol" is a typical Brussels variety of small, round bread roll with a soft inside and hard, crispy crust.

Bunny or Panda for you?

Total bill for 4 pax is MYR 133.65 nett for the Steamboat / Shabu Shabu lunch with an extra MYR 15.30 nett for the cute bunny cake so it is MYR 49.65 nett per pax as the 3 of us gave our friend a birthday treat.


  1. Thanks for sharing the detailed intro to Wagyu More.

    Panda for me as got white chocolate.

  2. I like matcha and yam cakes.

  3. Hot pots and steamboats are not quite my thing but I will eat, only for dinner. Oh! Those bunny pastries are so very cute! I can't decide between panda or bunny. Both would blow a big hole in my pocket hee..hee...

    1. eat bunny this week and panda next week, hehehe. Now to think of it, can't remember you writing about hot pots and steamboats.

  4. Cakes are so colourful. Seaweed soup would be my option.

  5. Never tried all those premium meats so I have no idea as to how nice they are. I love shabu shabu...with plain pork bone soup. Will never go for the tom yam that they have at some places here but there's one with Chinese herbal soup - that's quite nice.

  6. Nice buffet lunch to celebrate your friend's birthday. Bunny cake is very cute.

  7. The cooked-to-order seems good enough since there's much meat in the buffet option.

    Cute bunny is very cute but SO EXPENSIVE!

    1. SE and JE would love the cute bunny.

    2. They might well oooh at it, then leave it half-uneaten.

    3. Then you will have to finish it or just leave it unfinished.