Sunday, July 7, 2019

Up to 50% Off Trio Snacks

One Friday evening, we walked past Mak's Chee at Midvalley Mall and saw a promo for 3 snacks from 11 June to 10 July 2019 on weekdays excluding public holidays. As I am seldom out in the evening during weekdays, we seized the opportunity to have dinner together and to take advantage of this promo.

The terms and conditions stated that 2 to 4 persons can only order 1 promo snack, 5 to 8 persons can only order 2 promo snacks and 9 persons and above can order all 3 promo snacks. As there are 3 of us, we can only order 1 promo snack so we decided to order promo 352 (large).

The plate of plain rice is not listed in the menu but the staff said we could order it. We did not ask for the price so we did not know the price until we saw the bill. The price for it is MYR 3++ (10% service tax and 6% SST = MYR 3.48 nett). 

The promo large portion of braised beef brisket and tendon costs MYR 22.90++ (MYR 26.56 nett). The staff asks if we would like to swap the brisket or tendon with tripe or have all 3 but we politely said no to tripe. It seems that they now serve braised tripe which is not printed on their menu yet.

I ordered a small portion of sui gao dumplings (2) and prawn wantons (3) at MYR 15.90++ (MYR 18.44 nett) and a bottle of milk tea placed in a bucket of ice at MYR 8.50++ (MYR 9.86 nett) which I shared with my friends. Next time I will just order the prawn wantons because I like them better than the sui gao dumplings.

My friend had this large portion of broad wanton noodles in broth at MYR 17.90++ (MYR 20.76 nett). The sui gao dumplings and wantons are hidden underneath the noodles.

The braised beef briskets and tendons look messy but taste fine. We could not finish them so we took the balance home in our own container.

Total is MYR 79.10 nett for 3 pax, an average of MYR 26.40 per pax which is quite ok.


  1. The beef briskets and tendons look so good. I would love that. Not surprised that it was not a pleasant sight, after being stewed so long.

    1. you are right that they have been stewed for a long time because all the flavours have gone into the meat and both tendons and beef are deliciously tender.

  2. Looks like they have increased portion size. Last time I had to go for Rotiboy after Mak's Chee to fill up stomach space.

    1. we order large for the beef tendon dish and the wanton suigao noodle.