Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pg2019-1 Only One Day to Eat

We started our journey on a Friday and had our late lunch at Hawker Chan, Ipoh. Then we ate dinner at Lavish, Pg. So that is our day 1 up north.

Day 2 started with breakfast in the morning:

Chee Cheong Fun

Yam Cake. The price of this yam cake and the chee cheong fun above is MYR 7.50 nett.

Pork Kway Teow Th'ng - about MYR 6.50 (I have forgotten the exact price).

Char Kway Teow - MYR 6.30 nett.

Nasi Lemak Bungkus

At this Sri Nibong coffee shop which is fully packed with people. Then we visited the Super Tanker Wet Market to buy some vegetables to cook for dinner. After that we went to town to buy coconut jelly at Jalan Dato Keramat. We love to eat these coconuts very much so we bought 12 coconuts (jelly) at MYR 4.7 nett each and 6 packs of fresh coconut juice at MYR 3.5 nett each to last us throughout the day as we are going to eat durian in the afternoon.

On our way to buy coconut jelly, we stopped by Apong Guan at Jalan Burma to try our luck at buying the popular and simply delicious Apom. This is my 2nd time eating this Apom and we only needed to wait about 30 minutes for them. Unfortunately we could not eat much so we only bought 10 pieces at 60 cents each.

On our last visit, the wait was too long (a lot of orders) so we bought from Apom Chooi's van which is located near Apong Guan. After eating both, I have to say that Apong Guan's Apom is way more delicious than Apom Chooi's which is what this review thinks too.

It may not look appetising from my photo but the apom is light and fluffy. What makes it so delicious is that the combined taste of sweet bananas, corns and coconut - he has gotten the ratio correct in such a way that the taste of these 3 items really complement each other to make this a delightful and addictive snack. If I don't stop myself, I could eat up to 20 pieces of apom in one sitting and then can't eat any other food for the rest of the day. Best to eat while warm.

Seeing Mr. Uan Cheng Guan (76 years old) making each piece of Apom painstakingly by hand almost makes me feel ashamed that I am only paying him 60 cents per piece. Here is an article with more information about him that says he has been making apom since 1968. After that we went home for a rest before continuing to eat our way through Penang island.

Day 2 around noon:

At about 13.30 pm, the 6 of us dragged ourselves out of the house and went to Relau to eat durians even though we are not hungry yet. Unfortunately we were told by the seller that the quality of Hak Chi durian is not good so we did not buy any to try. We selected 5 durians: a big tekka which is very sweet so we took half home, a long horlor which tastes lighter than the tekka, one cheng pue (green skin) which I have forgotten how it tastes like, and two MSK with many layers of taste with one that has a more watery texture.

Total price is MYR 204.99 nett rounded up to MYR 205 nett and credit card payment is accepted. Average price of MYR 34.17 nett per pax.

Durian Kaki stall at Relau.

After that we went to my favourite CKT stall in town at KTG cafe because it is a must-eat for me.

Big prawn CKT at MYR 10.50 nett per plate and we add more eggs so add MYR 1 nett per plate. Total price is MYR 11.50 nett for coffee shop CKT. Some may say that this is overpriced but I like the taste and I only get to eat it whenever I visit Penang so it is not overpriced for me.

I would say that this is my favourite oyster omelette too at MYR 18 nett per plate.

A lady approached our table to peddle her wares which is yam cake and some other food so we ordered a plate of yam cake from her at MYR 5 nett per plate.

We ordered one fresh coconut; one glass of kedondong kosong drink without any "suin mui" (dried salted sweet plum) and without any sugar in it so it was very sour which is what I want to make me feel better after eating durian and ckt; one glass of black coffee; and another glass of normal kedondong at a total of MYR 13.7 nett. We forgot that we have to say kosong if we do not want the black coffee to be sweet so we got a glass of very sweet coffee which we cannot finish due to its sweetness.

So that was all I could eat for a day. A night, we just stayed home eating our coconut jelly and drinking our fresh coconut juice as our dinner. The next morning, after a dim sum breakfast at Maxim, we started our journey back to KL. What a short visit to Penang!


  1. I want to eat that chee cheong fun, slurps! What a fast foodie trip to Penang.

  2. Miss that oyster omelette, can't get that here.

  3. Wah! That's a lot of food you managed to eat while in Penang. I am missing Penang food very much. Next time I must try the CCF. I miss the apom very much.

  4. So, so much good food! Every single pic looks super yummy (except the first coz I prefer the flat variety of CCF hehe).

    Durians are cheaper than SS2 for sure.

    1. here in kl I buy mix flat and round ccf.