Sunday, July 14, 2019

48HSBD2 Oink whole day

Brunch at about 10.40 am. A bowl of pork noodles (mee hoon) with add-ons of pork blood cubes and pork kidney (4 pieces) at MYR 17.30 nett. Ginger slices are given in this noodles due to the pieces of kidney. They do not include ginger slices in a standard bowl of pork noodles which does not have pieces of kidney (as far as I know).

At PopCorn Food Court in Midvalley Mall.

Saw this so decided to order a few dishes from here as snacks but unfortunately, we were told that Garlic Pork Ribs are not available so we just order the BBQ skewers as the time is 12.30 noon.

These dishes and one drink are all the items that we ordered. The saucer contains a sourish soy dip which is also a tiny bit spicy. The BBQ Skewers are heavily marinated in sweet sauce and contains solid hard fatty parts which have been compressed into the pork meat so I had a difficult time spitting them out. 

 We order the Nam Tok Siu Yuk at MYR 19+ (6% SST = MYR 20.14 nett) since the pork ribs are not available. I ate 3 pieces only because these are pork bellies and I had to spit out the fatty layers.

Total price is MYR 36.45 nett at Thai Hou Sek, Midvalley Mall.

Early dinner at 5 pm. Only one bowl of rice since I don't want to eat rice. Ordered a plate of vege because there are no vegetables in the claypot of bak kut teh. This broth is sweet, taste is similar to soup boiled with longan and meat. There is no dong guai herb taste so this Bak Kut Teh broth is a light one.

The pork intestine inside the bak kut teh is thick because the main intestine has been stuffed fully with layers and layers of pork intestines as shown before.

I only realise that they charge us for two bowls of rice instead of one when I was typing here. Did not notice this when I paid the bill. They accepted MYR 33.60 nett as payment forgoing the 5 cents.

Sun Fung Bak Kut Teh at Sri Petaling.

 When we left the bak kut teh shop, we passed this Hock Moon Hiong shop that sells yuk kon (BBQ processed minced pork slices) and noticed that they are selling noodles now and have a buy 1 get 1 free offer which means one bowl of noodles is only about MYR 5. Perhaps we will try it next time if this promo is still available.

5 choices. Which one sounds tasty?


  1. I like pork blood cubes and kidneys. I would choose luncheon meat fries and fermented fried pork.

  2. That bowl of pork noodles look so good! Aha! I was thinking what we would have for lunch today, bak kut teh would be great!!! Have not had that for a long while now.

    1. So I guess a bak kut teh post will be out soon.

  3. Porky day indeed! And all the pictures in this post look yummylicious.

  4. Hubby would love the 1st bowl of pork noodles with all the additional items. We just had bak kut teh for lunch this afternoon.

    1. he likes to eat kidney and blood cubes?