Friday, July 19, 2019

WG Roti Bacon Cheese Challenge

If you are a big eater and love to eat roti bacon cheese, then go to this eatery on Wed anytime from 5 pm to 10.30 pm to try this challenge to see whether or not you can get to eat for free!

What do you see? A banana with four legs or your favourite meat? 

Banana Leaf Rice Set at MYR 7.50 nett with 3 vegetable dishes, curry sauces, and rice. Add on one whole deep fried chicken leg at MYR 7 nett and a plate of siew yuk (roast pork) at MYR 6.50 nett for sharing between 3 pax.

Close up look at the layers.

Rasam that is included in the banana leaf rice set. Rasam is a soup that is made with spices so it is peppery, hot, sour and refreshing to those who like it. I did not try this rasam because I did not order banana leaf rice set.

I saw this poster for Weekday Lunch Set at MYR 8 nett which includes a glass of iced sweet tea without milk (teh o ais), 1 meat, 2 vege dishes and 1 portion of rice so I ordered it.

MYR 8 nett. No sugar in the drink for me at all so the tea was a bit bitter. I chose mutton curry as the meat and kept half of it and half portion of the rice for another day. I like the spicy pumpkin dish which is not that spicy. The cabbage dish was ok with a tiny bit of off taste but I finished it.

Can you spot the pork belly siew yuk?

They even have wild boar curry!

Price is good too. You can order pork belly in various taste - nam yue, masala or X.O. There is even Lap Cheong (waxed sausage) briyani on weekends.

Our bill for 5 pax is MYR 57.60 nett. An average of MYR 11.52 nett per pax which is good value for money.

myBanana eatery at Taman Megah, PJ. An attempt at getting more oink oink lovers to eat Banana Leaf Rice.


  1. First time see siew yuk and Lap Cheong in Banana Leaf Rice. Sold by Chinese?

  2. The logo is so creative and original, it can be a Banana and it can be a pig too to depict Banana Leaf Rice served with oink oink.

  3. Banana leaf with siew yoke? That's fusion for you. I sure would love to try the roti bacon. Love the logo, very creative, indeed!!!

  4. Just the other day my partner asked what is that yellow logo hah..hah... I told him, banana in pig shape lah. I can't eat there with him because he does not eat spicy food. I must suggest to my brother to try.

  5. I was surprised at first as I thought you went for the challenge! :P

    Long time haven't eaten banana rice, now you make me crave for some.

    1. hahaha, sure lose if I join the challenge.

  6. I see banana on left and oink oink on right.

    I like your ponni rice. I would go for mutton curry too.

  7. Cool and cute logo! Unusual to have pork with banana leaf. RM8 for that set is really cheap.