Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Live and Learn

This is a traditional looking Ang Pow packet with flowers in many shades of red. The words on it are:
Sān fú kāngníng
Wǔfú línmén

I googled and found the following information (Source):
五福 meaning "Five Blessings" is an idiom from a book -书经洪范 (Shū jīng hóng fàn which is one of the Five Classics of ancient Chinese literature). The five blessings are:
1. 长寿 (Chángshòu) - Longevity
2. 富贵 (Fùguì) - Prosperous / Rich
3. 康宁(kāngníng) - Healthy with a Peace of Mind
4. 好德 (Hǎo dé) - Good morality (Kind, Generous, Serene)
5. 善终 (Shànzhōng) - Good end (Know own's death in advance)

So the words on the Ang Pow I take them to mean:
3rd blessing is healthy and may the 5 blessings be bestowed upon you.

Later I found out that there are 5 different colour combinations so since I only have one, this is for the record (sourced from the official website online):

*** Yuzu, the Gardens Mall ***

Cod fish bento - MYR 62++ (10% service charge, 6% SST = MYR 71.92 nett). It was a very small piece of cod fish but the tasty beef kind of make up for the fish. 

Grilled fish set - MYR 36++ (MYR 41.76 nett). The fruits were served in a tall wine glass which has been cut off by this photo.

Salmon Set at  MYR 36++ (MYR 41.76 nett).

Ebi Avocado maki - MYR 38++ (MYR 44.08 nett).  The deep fried prawn tempura in this maki is very crispy and tasty.

I think the discount is given for the ala carte item in the menu.

Exterior, Yuzu at the Gardens Mall.


  1. My favourite Japanese food.

    Prices are on the higher side, but like you said, just eat and don't look at the price, at times I am like that too.

    1. Yes only if it doesn't get one into debt.

  2. Love all the sets you had. No rice with the salmon?

    1. I forgot but if it is not in the photo then don't have I guess.

  3. I love what you have. Cod fish ben to definitely for me.

    So flowery red packet.

    1. But very small piece. There are 4 other colours.

  4. So nice, got discount some more.

  5. long time no eat in Yuzu...I prefer the cod fish bento in your picture above.

  6. I know what it means. :p

    Yeah~Yuzu. My wife and I went dating there before. So this place is special for us.

  7. You didn't try the fried calamari? It is delicious. :p

    1. Thanks for recommending. Will try if eat there again next time,

  8. I always loved red packets with floral prints like this. They look like luxury wall papers from Laura Ashley!!

  9. Replies
    1. Just like your beautiful garden with flowers.

  10. All blessings to you! I am too banana to appreciate these fine Chinese wishes.