Thursday, November 22, 2018

WG Little Sand

My lunch group wanted try out a new eatery in Jaya One, PJ which is located next to Kechara eatery. It occupies the unit that was vacated by Go Noodle when it moved upstairs to a bigger unit.

This is the set lunch menu. I did not want to eat rice nor noodle but the ala carte menu is having the same main meals of rice and noodles but without the dessert and drinks so I just randomly chose a set thinking I could keep the rice for other meals. Please click on the above menu for a larger image and see what would you choose instead.

Continuation of the set lunch menu. They also have a set dinner menu which is quite similar to the set lunch menu except that they have replaced the noodles dishes with rice dishes.

Other than the main dish, the set lunch consists of 3 freebies as above: 
1. snack of the day which is just a pack of peanuts and 
2. either yakult or ice cream or dessert (tong sui) and 
3. Hot or cold drinks of tea, coffee, sour plum, coca cola, green tea, lemon grass green apple and add MYR2 for Mojito (I suspect this Mojito does not have rum in it but I did not ask to confirm). 
I selected tong sui which is red bean sweet soup to be packed for takeaway which they allow and cold sour plum without syrup which I found to be still sweet from the sour plum.

When my order was served, I knew I made a mistake in selecting this dish - L9: Braised Pork Rice at MYR 13.90+ (10% service charge, MYR 15.30 nett) because the meat was cut into such tiny cubes that I could not even see them and I spotted fatty pieces floating in a lot of oily gravy. What a horrible sight. 

Fortunately, when digging in there, I found half a hard boiled egg which I ate and some tiny pieces of mushroom. I then gave the rest of the braised so-called meat in gravy to my friend who gave me her portion of pineapple in the portion of pickled vege (acar) as she does not eat pineapples due to its cooling properties according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Total price for 5 portions of set lunch: MYR 82.70 nett.


  1. For the main, I would choose Salted Egg Butter Chicken rice, for the sides, I will not choose yakult as already has cold or hot drink so I will choose tong sui.

  2. Oooooo...I love that plate in which your order was served, with the separate compartments. Nice!

  3. Wah. 3 freebies? That sounds unbelievable. Hehe. But anything to attract more business I guess.

    1. Yes, the 3 freebies are to attract more customers.

  4. The orders of your companions were ok? If so can give the place another chance.

    1. Theirs are a bit better than this braised pork.