Saturday, September 7, 2019

WG weekday lunch

My lunch during weekdays:

Lunch 1: Dong Gui Fish Chop at Mama Kim, Jalan Pahang at MYR 15++ (6% Service Charge and 6% SST = MYR 16.80 nett). My friend gave me her portion of salad. I like that they include steamed carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes in this dish but the vegetables could be steamed longer to be softer. They are too hard for my weak teeth.

Total price for 2 pax at Mama Kim: MYR 29 nett.

Lunch 2: My friend's favourite shop, Paramount Garden Coffee Shop, PJ where we like to eat a regular bowl of Lor Yee Mee at MYR 7 nett each.

After eating the Lor Yee Mee, we walked a short distance to share a waffle between the 5 of us. Unknowingly my friend ordered the same waffle we ate there back in 2018 - Charcoal waffle (MYR 22 nett) sprinkled with roasted walnut, pieces of mochi covered by kinako powder and a scoop of oolong ice cream.

Lunch 3: Suey Choy Mee Set Lunch which includes a glass of hot tea at MYR 11.12++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 12.90 nett) at Esquire Kitchen, One Utama. There are only a few bits and pieces of pork slices and mainly vegetables choy sum and pickled suey choy although I like the flat noodles which I suspect are made from soy.

Total price for 2 pax is MYR 38.45 nett because my friend ordered a bowl of soup in addition to her set lunch.

In the ala carte menu, my order should be no. 109 which costs MYR 15.10++ which is more expensive but may have more pork.

After this bowl of mostly vegetable noodles, I bought myself a sweet snack of deep fried nian gao from the SS2 Goreng Pisang stall in One Utama. I think the price should be around MYR 2.20 to MYR 2.50 nett.

Lunch 4: Vegetarian lunch. My friend's borscht soup at MYR 11.90 nett which she says is very tasty. She gave me the two slices of garlic bread.

Whenever I eat lunch at SkyHaus I will order the nasi lemak tempeh at MYR 9.50 nett. I kept half of the food and only ate the amount shown in the photo below which is more than enough for my lunch.

My lunch after storing half for another day.

Total price for 2 pax is MYR 30.90 nett.

Interior of SkyHaus

Lunch 5: my friend's mushroom chee cheong fun at MYR 6+ (6% SST = MYR 6.36 nett). It is not common to find CCF with mushroom gravy in KL as it can be considered a cuisine from Ipoh.

My order of dry wanton mee with char siew (BBQ pork) and wantons at MYR 8.30+ (MYR 8.80 nett). This time I kept more than half of the noodles for my friend as the portion of noodles is quite large. I find the char siew to be too fatty for me too though it is nicely caramelized.

Lunch for 4 pax at MYR 38.25 nett. I am not sure why the bill says 2 pax. Annie One is one of my friend's favourite eateries.


  1. Ooooo...the char siew looks gorgeous and the wantons, so big so plump.

    1. of all the dishes, the ones from Annie One look most interesting to you.

  2. Oh, your friend gave you here salad. I thought the restaurant is very generous with the salad servings hee..hee.. Annie One is one of my favorites too!

  3. The nasi of the nasi lemak tempeh is really blue!

  4. We don't have mushrooms ccf here in sg, sounds tasty!

  5. (Missed this post of yours earlier)

    All nice pictures of food! I haven't been to Esquire kitchen in the longest time, time to visit again. Oh the goreng pisang looks good.

    1. hehehehehe, thanks for picking it up after missing it. :D I think you did not miss anything. It will be a long time before I eat there again unless my friend wants to eat there because I prefer easier to eat food, hahahaha.