Monday, September 23, 2019

McD Strawberry Custard Pie

New McD items for a limited period. Sweet Chilli Fish Burger and Strawberry Custard Pie.

I believe the fish is similar to the fish in McD Thai Fish Burger. The flaky white fish fillet is tasty and crispy on the outside. The sauce is sweet but hot and spicy until my friend cannot stand it but surprisingly I could.

One more McD pie (MYR 3.5 nett) to add to the list of McD pies that I have eaten over the years. I like it because I like the taste of strawberry and I am ok with the custard fillings inside. The two types of fillings do not clash with each other.

Orange McFreeze that is with the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger Set (MYR 14 nett) which also includes a pack of fries (Medium). It is too sweet for me so I just drank one third of it and gave the rest away but I like that it is cold enough for this hot weather.

I also ordered a box of McD Spicy Fried Chicken (2 pieces) at MYR 10.60 nett from the ala carte menu so the total bill is MYR 28.10 nett.


  1. I tried the pie, post on it coming soon...after all my Kuching posts. LOL!!!

  2. I have not tried any of these yet. I think I would enjoy the fish burger and the strawberry custard pie but not the sweet drink.

  3. Ohh.. never try any of these as yet! The custard pie looks good!

  4. Wow you really tried almost all the pies.

  5. Haven't been to McD for a long time so I haven't tried any of the above.

    1. Hahahaha, just trying out McD for fun. Nothing much to be missed.

  6. Hmm wouldn't mind trying these.