Thursday, February 21, 2019

WG Apple Samgyupsal

5 of us went to this Apple Samgyupsal Korean BBQ branch at Jaya 1, PJ during lunchtime to celebrate the 32nd birthday of 1 of us. Their branch at Taman Desa always have long queues during weekend.

The menu on a notice board outside the eatery.

Please click on the above menu for a larger image. I left the ordering to my friend as we were ordering food to share between the 5 of us.

Please click on the above menu for a larger image. If there were more of us, I guess my friend would have ordered this Apple Jumbo Set.

My friend ordered the BBQ Sharing Set, one portion of Fist Rice and 5 cups of tea with unlimited refills. Looking at the individual items in the list, I don't know what they are at all and had to google for the answers:

Wag Galbi = Galbi means Rib
Samgyupsal = P. Belly
Tteok = rice cakes
Moksal = neck meat

Each long table has two BBQ "stoves" and can seat 8 persons. 5 of us sat around one BBQ "stove" which was covered with a portable gas stove placed above it to cook "eat-all-you-can" unlimited Ramyeon (Ramen). The K. Ramen was thick and springy even after cooking for a long time.

The staff grilled the meat for us at the other BBQ "stove".

Two side dishes: Side dish 1: Sliced onion rings and sliced apples in a sauce which I think is apple vinegar sauce. Side dish 2: Assorted sliced vegetables.

They also provided unlimited free flow raw lettuce to wrap the grilled meat in, pickled seaweed and pickled cabbage (the pink food item on the left), kimchi, and a few saucers of dips. The unlimited free flow tea with fruit fragrance is served in a jug and we were given 5 metal cups to hold our individual drinks.

I just realised that I did not take any photos of the grilled rice cakes (tteok). The pieces of grilled rice cakes were crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the insides. Tastes very good when coated with the sweet and slightly tart, apple honey dip provided.

Grilled belly and sausage. I only ate a piece of the sausage but none of the belly because it is too fatty for me. Later my friend took the rest of the belly home to stirfry them with vegetables as dinner.

I suspect the meat on the left is Moksal, the neck meat because it is marbled, juicy, tender and fine in texture. The meat on the right is meat cut off the ribs. The texture is not as fine as the neck meat but it is still tender. 

Left: Bulgogi beef slices which is on the sweet side and the bone of the rib. Right: Kimchi which is spicy, salty but a little bit more on the sweet side.

Fist rice ( joomuk-bap) - fist because you use your fist to roll the rice into rice balls. The outer layer is made out of seaweeds, the middle layer consists of perhaps (I am just guessing here) minced meat and in the center is the rice.

My friends wore disposable food grade transparent polyethylene gloves on their hands and had fun making 15 rice balls because they turned down the staff's offer to roll the rice into balls.

Total bill for 5 pax is MYR 220.50 nett so 4 of us paid about MYR 55 nett each and birthday person ate foc. I think I may go again with my family to try out the sets with apples.


  1. Usually when I go Korean restaurant, I also don't know what the names for the different dishes stand for, have to google to find out, thanks for sharing the info so I learned something today. Oh pork belly with fats, my kind of food slurps. Pass it to me if you don't want them LOL. I am still not used to the taste of Korean rice cakes as I find them too chewy for me. I do not like chewy food. Seeing Nux posted about Jap BBQ and you posting about Korean BBQ food, now I have craving for meaty meals like these. Must go eat Korean BBQ one of these days with my friend.

    1. This rice cake is soft enough but is still chewy. You will like it because it is the soft chewy kind.

  2. I love it when the staff will help you cook the a distance.

    1. the smoke vacuum is strong enough to remove the smoke.

  3. Oo looks like a lot of fun was had by all!

  4. This kind of place is great for dining especially with a group of friends. xoxo

  5. so nice to have Korean food during lunch....I don't have long lunch hour, so one hour is definitely not enough for all these grilling/bbq and to play with rolling rice ball...*plus driving out and find parking.

    1. but better to have it as dinner because the night is cooler and can eat for as many hours as you like until the shop closes.

  6. I will leave the ordering to my friends when we go for Korean or Japanese food. I think it is fun rolling the rice balls yourself.