Thursday, February 14, 2019


I did not manage to get this 2019 Ang pow packet from UOB which I think is a very creative use of geometry. I just asked my friend to take a photo of her ang pow packet and to send it to me. Can you see the resemblance?

I believe this is a traditional common design.

My friend ate ice cream at Inside Scoop and received this Ang Pow packets.

My friend gave me these ang pow packets

Jade ang pow packets?

I spent MYR 200 on food for a gathering at Berjaya Times Square and received these 5 ang pow packets which I just keep and stare at them from time to time because I don't have the heart to use them.

Ang Pow holder for the above 5 ang pow packets.

The words "Berjaya Times Square" are embossed onto the ang pow holder.

2019 Bee Cheng Hiang Angpow packets.

This is not 2019 ang pow packets but I am no sure which year. I can see phoenix birds but not dragons on the cover. Very colourful, like a piece of tapestry.

 My friend showed me these 2019 gold fish ang pow packets.

 She also showed me these 3 floral ang pow packets.
Now sure which year's ang pow but we think the different flower designs are very pretty.

I think perhaps these are plum flowers?

I received this ang pow from my relative as a form of blessing. I am not sure whether this design is for year 2019 or previous years. Do you have a favourite ang pow design for 2019? Please show us.

P/S Happy Valentine's Day! Any special celebration with loved ones?

Even OT White Coffee also gives out foc Angpow packets.


  1. I can see a piggy from the geometry. The ang bao packets from Berjaya Times Square are so beautiful, I won't bear to use them too

  2. That is brilliant!!! So very subtle indeed!

  3. You have a lovely collection of ang pows! I like the floral ones.

    1. Photos collection because some I don't have the physical packets.

  4. Think I like the one with fishes best! Happy Valentine's Day, babe! xoxo

  5. Wow! I am impressed with the Ang Pow designs especially the 2nd photo. I could see the creative pig in the 1st photo.

  6. Very clever geometry design, it does resemble a pig! You ang pow packet collection is lovely.

    1. Photos collection because some of them belong to my friends.

  7. I really love some of the designs on the ang pow. So intricate and well thought. I believe the creator consult feng shui to draw all this.

  8. Had to look a while before seeing it! Yes very creative use of geometry.