Friday, February 15, 2019

2019 Valentine Day

We turned Valentine's Day into Ladies' Day and the 6 of us went to have this meal for sharing.

1st course: 2 sets of lobster bisque and salad with raisins and almond flakes. As before in 2015, I find the lobster bisque very creamy and on the salty side but one of my friend likes it and finished one bowl. The other bowl was left unfinished because the rest of us found it to be too creamy.

2nd course: Whole lobster pasta with mussels, prawns and scallops. The pasta is hidden underneath the lobster. Although the pasta is tasty but all 6 of us could not finish it because it was a big portion. We left a bit of pasta behind.

The lobster is bigger than a hand.

The waitress opened it up for us. I think they overcooked it because the meat was tougher than those I have eaten before.

3rd and last course: Heart shaped lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Close up. Very rich chocolaty taste with chocolate sauce flowing out of the cake.

Foc cheddar bay biscuits - my favourite! Luckily this time they did not put the green herb dressing on them because I don't think my friends would like those green herb dressing. My friends like the taste.

We also ordered 3 mains from the ala carte menu. Lobster Tail, Shrimps and Salmon - MYR 119.90++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 139.08 nett). For a photo with a better view of the lobster tail, please refer to my previous visit in 2017 with this same dish. My friends like the fragrance of butter in the rice.

Sirloin steak with shrimps - MYR 79.90++ (MYR 92.68 nett). 3 of us shared the medium well steak because the other 3 ladies do not eat beef.

Fish and chips at MYR 33.90++ (MYR 39.32 nett). I ordered this main at the Intermark branch in 2015. That Intermark branch is now closed.

Total bill is MYR 471.25 nett making it about MYR 78.54 per pax as we also ordered 3 cups of hot tea (refillable hot water), 1 cup of hot long black coffee and 1 bottle of mineral water for 2 to share.

Red Lobster at The Curve Mall. May this branch stay in business for a long, long time because I think I will only return in 2 years time just for the cheddar bay biscuits.

P/S The CNY decor in The Curve Mall has been removed totally when we were there yesterday which was CNY day 10.


  1. The lobster looks red and fresh, a pity that it was overcooked and tough, I want to have those shrimps yum, I did not specially celebrate Valentine's Day, just another normal day for me

  2. Wowwww!!!! It sure looks worth the price. I did go for one here, only RM60 per person but I think most went to their regular places and ordered from their regular menus, no Valentine Day specials.

  3. So nice to be able to enjoy a ladies day. The lobster looks good but its a pity it was overcooked. We celebrated Valentine's day with friends.

  4. Already removed the deco?? And I was thinking of going next week to check out the piggies, maybe will still be up! (This week have other plans) Bah.

    Great idea to turn Valentine's into Ladies Day!

    I haven't tried Red Lobster before. Maybe not ever since it does look expensive and I'm not that big a fan of lobster.

    1. thanks! go genting to eat that lobster but I haven't tried that yet. usually the malls won't keep the decor all the way until cny day 15.

    2. Sigh.. but why right. Already spent money on the deco and technically IS still CNY. Oh well.

    3. can rent out the space to other events, maybe.