Saturday, February 9, 2019

Claypot Chicken Rice

On the Sunday just before CNY eve (Monday), we went to Pavilion to meet up with our friends from Penang. We ate at Din Tai Fung, Pavilion and then adjourned to "HK Boy Cart Noodle", Pavilion for their tasty milk tea.

We ordered some snacks to go with the milk tea based drinks. The soup was filled with crunchy cloud ear fungus (julienned) and soft glass noodles so it was quite tasty. My friend prefers the iced ying yong to the iced milk tea. I dare not try the fried intestines on a stick but my friend says it has a crunchy outer layer but soft inner layer.

Total bill is MYR 30.95 nett for 2 pax.

We ordered our food from this Snacks and Drinks menu. Please click on it for a larger image.

The selection of drinks. Please click on it to view a larger image.

The full page.

After hanging around in Pavilion for a while, we went to the food court at Four Seasons Place KL to compare the food there against hawker food in Penang. I shared this claypot of chicken rice with my friend. It costs MYR 11 plus 6% service (MYR 11.66 nett). By default, there are small pieces of salted fish in the rice so it is very tasty.

The Famous Clay Pot Chicken Rice stall.


  1. I like salted fish in my claypot chicken rice

  2. I like salted fish as it adds depth to the flavour...but cannot stomach too much. :p

  3. I miss that! Haven't had claypot chicken rice for a while now.

  4. I love claypot chicken rice. Salted fish make it even more delicious!

  5. Looks like pork intestines are a delicacy now! Strange when the butcher is giving out pork liver for free since people are scared of the cholesterol.

    1. Those specialty shops like Ansin still sell liver.

    2. Must make a huge profit from it.

    3. don't think can make huge profit since not much supply also.

  6. My hubby always get the piece of salted fish from the claypot chicken rice.