Tuesday, June 5, 2018

WG Mekong

My friend noticed a shop serving Thai food for lunch a few shops away from Chow Yang Food Court in SS2, PJ so she suggested we go there for lunch one day.

While waiting for the dishes to be cooked and served, we bought a packet of these sago balls (MYR 6 nett) with minced pork and peanuts fillings to share between the 6 of us. The fillings is on the sweet side and it is quite tasty. I feel that the skin is very well made from sago because it is not sticky and just a little chewy giving it a nice texture. 

Fried pork with garlic - MYR 10 nett and we had two plates because the portion is quite small per plate. Tasty. The pork may look dry but it is quite succulent.

Two of us shared one portion of rice which is quite small. I think it is about MYR 2 per plate of rice.

All 6 of us had a glass of pandan and lemon grass tea each (MYR 2 nett). It is only slightly sweet and to me, it tastes quite like 竹蔗 (Zhu Zhe) boiled sugarcane drink.

Steamed Siakap Fish with Lime at MYR 35 nett. Siakap is known as seabass in Asia and barramundi in Australia according to FAO. For this price, it was expected that the fish was medium in size. This dish is very appetising due to the tangy lime juice.

Stir fried minced pork with basil - MYR 8 nett. I find this dish a bit too spicy for me so I did not eat much of it.

Stir fried kailan at MYR 7 nett per portion but I think this is a larger portion so it should be about MYR 14 nett. Total price for 6 pax is MYR 103 nett so it is about MYR 17.20 nett each.

A no-fuss interior. We were one of about 4 tables that were occupied during lunch that weekday.

The menu shows nett price. Please click on the above and below photos for a larger image of the menu.

We did not order any salad.

We did not order any tomyum soup for this visit. Perhaps our next visit.

All the dishes we ordered were from this section of the menu. 


  1. The steamed fish with lime juice looks tasty, I wonder if I will like the sago balls if I try

  2. Steamed fish is a beauty! Same as Libby, would love to try those sago balls. The minced meat with basil is one of our favourites at Mary's place here but they use chicken, pork-free place.

  3. Everything looks really nice! Especially the sago balls.

  4. the place is so empty during lunch time...weekday?

  5. Sago balls look like nice to take.

    The steamed fish is my choice too.

  6. I love Thai food especially the steamed fish!

  7. Wow! The menu's price is very reasonable and I would that fried spicy meat. I just had the sago dessert last weekend which i tabao home free from the Thai Temple. It is called "Sakoo Sai Moo" in Thai. Means Sago Filled With Pork.

  8. I am very curios about those sago balls. I think I will enjoy them.