Thursday, June 14, 2018

Walnut Date

My grandmother loves to eat this snack which is a big Date with walnuts in it. It is made in China if I am not mistaken and I believe it is sold here in KL too but I have not seen it in the usual supermarkets that I frequent.


  1. Never seen it here either, just the mid-eastern dates, stuffed with an almond or walnut.

  2. Wow that must be one big date. I've only seen those dates with ONE nut inside.

  3. I have seen this in Ipoh. In shops that sell China goods. I have tried it.

  4. I had seen this all over China. They are probably manufactured around the regions of Xi'an and sold by baskets along the Muslim Street market. Funny thing is that you have a choice to buy them separately.

    1. separately as in they remove the walnuts from the dates and sell just the walnuts to you if you want it that way?