Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WG Fried or Non fried

Grouper Fillet Thin Mee Hoon in Clear Soup again at MYR19.90 nett. As before, there were 6 slices of deep fried grouper fish fillet. Now I wonder which fish noodle I prefer - the one at Go Noodle or this one. Both has its own merits but this one has a lower price by 80 cents.

Mr. Fish at Starling Mall

Total Bill for 6 pax is MYR 87.45 nett. We used a voucher for buy 1 get 2nd bowl at 50% off for item 203.


  1. I like it non-fried if in clear soup but fried if with the creamy one.

  2. Just alternate between the two! 0.80 isn't enough to swing the vote.

  3. Oh! I haven't visited Mr Fish in a while. I usually have the fried fish slices.

  4. I like this Mr.Fish as their broth for the Fish Head Noodles is very delicious.

    I may nave to boycott GoNoodles after eating so many times. My wife developed very serious skin allergy attack after the last meal. Not sure which dish affected her.

    1. I try to stay away from GN too as I find it pricey for just noodle. maybe it is the wine.