Friday, March 21, 2014

Sushi Zanmai

The four of us went for an early light lunch before starting to shop for grocery and then having some snacks for tea prior to leaving the mall. We chose Sushi Zanmai as the food there is tasty and we have a discount coupon for MYR10 off when the total bill is above MYR50 (bills can't be combined).

4 glasses of hot green tea at MYR1 each and refillable. This is the cheapest green tea around. 
1 Chawan Mushi MYR4.8 

Sushi: Avogado Tobiko (flying fish roe) is my favourite sushi here - MYR2.8 for two. We have to order the sushi in sets of two.  Unagi Tamago - MYR6.8 for two; Smoked Salmon - MYR6.8 for two - I don't quite like the smoked salmon as it is too salty so I won't order this next time.

Sushi: Toro Salmon (Salmon Belly Sushi) - MYR4.8 for two. I prefer salmon belly to normal salmon sushi because it is more flavourful due to having more fat. Since there is only one salmon belly sushi for each of us, we won't be eating too much salmon fat per person.

Aburi (partially lightly grilled) Salmon sushi - MYR4.8 for two - very tasty due to them being partially grilled. Suitable for those who do not eat raw salmon.

We also had two plates of maki from the sushi conveyor belt. MYR3.8 for each pink plate.

We find Sushi Zanmai to be one of the more affordable sushi conveyor belt chain restaurants that serve tasty Japanese food. As such we no longer frequent Sushi King, Sushi Tei and Sakae Sushi.

Service Charge: 10%
Gov. Tax: 6%
Total Bill: MYR71.45 before applying a discount coupon of MYR10 (for spending above MYR50) so in the  end we paid MYR61.45 for four so on average it is about MYR15.36 each.


  1. I love Sushi Zanmai menu! All also very nice!

  2. Not keen on sushi but j loves it

    1. I wonder who j takes after, to love eating sushi.

  3. I like sushi zanmai,especially the one in set meal!!! =]

    1. 小影, which sushi zanmai outlet has set meals? The one I went to in the Gardens do not have set meals in their menu.