Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ming Kee

Chicken meat, and roast pork wanton noodle (MYR7)

char siew (BBQ pork) wanton mee (MYR6)

Dumplings (sui kow) MYR5.5

My friend suggests that we eat at this Ming Kee noodle shop because she says that the wanton noodle is very tasty and springy. However, I think the noodle would taste better if they were cooked longer because I find the noodles to be quite hard (almost like uncooked noodle). 

Kedai Makanan Ming Kee
Jalan Lazat 1
Taman Bukit Indah (near Happy Gardens)
Kuala Lumpur


  1. Replies
    1. I like to eat the slippery dumpling skin.

  2. Dumplings go well with wan tan mee, don't you think? ;)

  3. I like wanton noodles and I always ask for dumplings only, don't really like to eat char siew, hehe!!! =]

  4. Replies
    1. These dumplings are not as delicious as the ones you made. :)

    2. hahaha....=) thanks for the encouragement!

    3. It's true because the ingredients in yours are better than the ones I ate here. :)

  5. Your wantan mee is making me drool!!! There's no "gonlou" wantan mee here, only with soup and the noodle is different. I miss the M'sian style wantan noodles...

  6. Wantan noodle is one of my favourite hawker food.