Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tang Shi Fu

The name of this restaurant - Tang Shi Fu literally means Master in Soup so when we eat here, of course we ordered a bowl of soup.
Complimentary starter - pickled guava with pickled orange peel. In another outlet, this dish which they put on the table once you have taken your seat is added to the bill too - MYR 3.9 so if you don't want this, then immediately ask them to take it away.

Brown rice - MYR2.5 per bowl

We ordered only one main dish and one bowl of soup. Fish maw with cod fish in claypot (MYR39.9) - the sauce is on the salty side and since the fish maw absorbed the sauce, they are salty too but the cod fish is not salty once the sauce is brushed off.

Nourishing soup with american ginseng, wolfberries and black-boned chicken (MYR23.9). The chicken taste is stronger than the ginseng taste.

My bowl of brown rice with a piece of cod with the sauce brushed off.

Tissue - MYR0.5 and the total bill inclusive of two packets of tissue paper, 10% service charge, and 6% government tax adds up to be MYR80.95 which is on the expensive side for a 2-pax meal.

There are a few outlets of this restaurant in the Klang valley. This is the One Utama outlet.

Looking out from inside the restaurant

I find the lamp shades to be too over-the-top and I wouldn't want to sit under them.

Pictures adorning the wall


  1. Starter looks yummy to me! I always like pickled stuff!

  2. Pricey but if not mistaken cod are expensive.

    Yummy pickle. I love

  3. Nice decorations inside the restaurant!!!