Monday, February 24, 2014

A dinner treat

Once a month, we will treat my parents-in-law to a dinner. This time they decided to give us a treat instead. The total bill came up to MYR64.5 for the four of us with 3 plates of rice (MYR1.5 each) as I do not eat rice for dinner, one pot of tea (MYR1.5 per pax) and the following price estimates for the 3 dishes we ordered.
Vegetable - MYR12 - the garlic here tastes like "nga ku" (tubers of Sagittaria sagittifolia), not hot at all and without any garlicky taste.

Half a roasted chicken (MYR26)

My favourite dish - broccoli, tofu, beancurd sheets (MYR16)


  1. My mom cooks the last dish everyday, hehe!!! And I love it!!! =]

  2. Dishes looks like something from esquire kitchen.

    I like to eat broccoli too

    1. The dishes are tastier than those from esquire kitchen.

  3. It's so sweet of you to treat your PIL dinner!