Wednesday, October 23, 2019

D Empire Set Lunch

I wanted to eat at this restaurant ever since I read the article written by Submerryn back in 2016 but somehow I never did find a time to do so until recently.

Marinara Aglio Pasta at MYR 38.90+ (6% SST = MYR 41.25 nett) from the ala carte menu. As per our request for no salt, this dish is not salty at all but is still very flavourful due to the fresh seafood so we are pleased with their good service of fulfilling our special requirement.

The lunch set consists of one main course, a bowl of soup and one drink and is available during weekends too.

Beef sausage set at MYR 26.90+ (MYR 28.50 nett) with broccoli soup and hot tea.

I ordered braised lamb shank set - MYR 55.90+ (MYR 59.25 nett) for sharing. The lamb is tender and I like the strong lamb taste so for celebration, I will have this dish again.

Ribeye steak (grass fed) set at MYR 98.90+ (MYR 104.85 nett). I took a small bite of the steak (medium well as per our request) and it was delicious.

We also ordered tenderloin steak from the ala carte menu at MYR 148.90+ (MYR 157.85 nett) for sharing.

Side view.

We requested for medium well because we want it to be well cooked. The meat was tender and tasted yummy!

Lunch for 5 pax costs MYR 391.65 nett, about MYR 78 per pax. We shared all the main courses.

Shopfront - D Empire at Pavilion Mall, KL.


  1. Food looks good but expensive, can eat here once in a while during special occasions.

  2. Oooo...lamb shank!!! I like! No place here selling it now, so sad. Everything looks so good!

  3. Yum! All the dishes look very good. Could be worth dropping by for the lamb shank.

  4. All the sets looks good, I would choose the first one, nowadays I simply love Aglio Olio... wonder why! :)

    1. aglio olio normally is light with olive oil sometimes with chilli flakes.

  5. Everything looks so delicious! Great for special occasions.

  6. Long time did not have lamb shank. Looking at yours, make me craving for it.

  7. Not cheap but everything looks so good.