Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Open your Heart

This is not about food. The food post for today is the post before this: "Coffee Meet Tart".

There are many struggles in this world. People are standing up for what they believe in and doing what they can about it. Be it:
1. Getting Equality
2. Eradicating Poverty
3. Protecting Environment
4. Marching for Democracy
5. Rescuing Animals
and etc.

For myself, I just read about all these in the news and online, just being a common ordinary person until one day, my eyes are opened. I love animals but do not believe in owning pets so I never did have any pets. I was against neutering/spaying animals until I read the arguments for it online and that convinced me that neuter/spay is necessary to prevent more sufferings for animals that many people cannot see around them. We cannot expect animals to understand humans' boundaries and humans' love for materials belongings so we cannot expect animals to leave our gardens, our cars and our belongings alone. Many people see them as a nuisance and will just chase them away to fend for themselves elsewhere - having the NIMBY mentality - Not In My BackYard.

On 27 May 2019, I noticed this little street kitten. My neighbour has been feeding her in front of my house.

One month later, I befriended her. I saw how thin she was so I took her in on 8 Aug 2019, took her to the vet, vaccinated her and fed her well.

On 28 Sept 2019, I sent her for the spay procedure so that she can have a healthier life.

Today she is living at my childhood home being looked after by my brother. She is not confined indoors but she is confined within the compound and garden of the house and is not allowed to go out from the gate and fencing for her own safety - as there could be car accidents or there may be animal abusers around. I hope she lives a happy life. This is the least that I can do for her, to take her off the street and spay her just because I am lucky that I can afford to do so on the financial side.

The photos below are copied from online and insta without permission for sharing purposes. Please leave me a comment should the righful owner wants the photos to be removed.

I think greatly of people who carry out local rescue work like above.

I can't do the above because I don't think I can.

One reason why spay and neuter is necessary.

For those who can read BM.
Even religion allows spay and neuter because it is really necessary (for those who can read BM).


  1. I like this post and it warms my heart to learn that you have saved a kitty cat and given her a good home. She looks healthy and contented in your 4th photo. We do what we can.

  2. I also dont own pets. I could not take care of one so better dont get one.

    1. Once your children are all grown up, maybe that time you can consider rescuing some.

  3. I am all for keeping and loving pets but I am not a fan of strays and I detest those owners who keep animals but do not take good care of them and just let them stray - like those dogs in the neighbourhood leaving their "deposits" right outside my gate and I would have to sweep it all up and clean the road...or those cats and those things they do on top of my cars in the middle of the night. I wish people could be more responsible when they decide to keep pets!

    1. Strays are without any human owners so you can't blame them because they are just like birds who will poo while flying in the sky. Nature. Did you try talking to those owners of the animals that deposits in front of your gate? Ask them to pick up after their animals?

  4. There was a free program to spay cats for Selangor some years back, dunno if still valid. You get subsidised with validation from the vet.

    1. Yes there is but I think the grant has finished now and my area is not in Selangor.