Sunday, June 30, 2019


On 5 June 2019 (Wed - HR Day 1), we ate breakfast at O&S Coffee Shop, Paramount Garden, PJ. A bowl of Kway Teow Th'ng at MYR6.5 nett and it tastes just as good as back in 2016.

The drinks cost MYR 4.3 nett for 1 hot cham (coffee mix with tea) and 1 ice cham. Char Kway Teow at MYR 7.50 nett, we prefer to have it with kway teow and yellow noodles.

Pan Mee at MYR 6 nett. My friend likes it.

9 pieces of yong tofu at MYR 1.40 nett each so the total is MYR 12.60 nett. 2 tofu, 3 brinjal, 1 bitter gourd, 1 okra, 1 deep fried bean curd and 1 deep fried sui gao (dumpling).

Close up of the yong tofu. Even though the brinjals are quite oily but I like to eat them. This time, we did not order beef noodle, assam laksa, chee cheong fun, popiah and curry noodle like we used to do. A very decent breakfast so this coffee shop is always filled with people and we often have to wait for seats.


  1. So much ytf, must be satisfying!

  2. Are those pig blood curds in the kway teow thng, long time did not have them, miss it!

  3. I love them all, the kind of cuisine that I go for! East, west, our own home food is best!

  4. Me too, I love them all... Now missing them in fact. Lol..

    1. Ah, you have been away for far too long I guess.

  5. Having YTF with friends is always fun for me. There's so much to pick from the big bowl to eat and talk .

  6. I have a hard time deciding what to eat there! I also like the beef noodles, assam laksa, penang ccf...

  7. Everything looks good to me. I am feeling hungry, in the midst of cooking dinner now.