Thursday, June 5, 2014

Humble Beginnings

Mille Crepe - anyone who likes to eat creamy sweet cakes would love to eat this. Now you can see them being sold in almost every desserts or cakes shops, and cafes but not all of them are tasty. I like those that are light, soft and fluffy so for those slices that have been lying in the fridge for some time, they wouldn't taste nice at all because they would be on the dry side.

My favourite Mille Crepe is made by Humble Beginnings (now available in Bangsar Baru, KLCC food court, QueensBay Mall, Straits Quay, Penang, City Square, Johor). They did not have stores back then and the cakes are usually made and delivered on order. Even now I find that it is best to order a whole mille crepe and eat it at home with many of your friends than to order a slice in the cafe because a slice would be most probably be a little dry on the edges.

The other mille crepes from other places including the popular place in Malacca (there is a branch now in 3 Two Square, PJ) that I have eaten before are too rich and creamy, not the way I like them - light and fluffy. Do you like them rich and creamy or light and fluffy?

I found a review of Mille Crepe here and out of the 5 places reviewed, I have tried 4 of them namely Humble Beginnings, Nadeje, Food Foundry, and Indulge Cafe which also owns Arthur Hokkaido Mille Crepe (available at Sungai Wang and Pavilion, KL) and I agree with the reviewer about the best Mille Crepe.

Raspberry Yogurt Mille crepe - MYR10.90 - a slice shared with a friend.


  1. Understand there's a mille crepes in Malacca quite famous, but i never try it before...

    1. You mean Nadeje? They have an outlet in PJ now. Their millecrepes have thicker layers of cream so are very rich that I.will get satiated after just 2 bites.