Monday, May 14, 2018

Food in Air

Snacks and a glass of apple juice before the main meal.

Fish pasta with tasty appetiser (prawns with mango salad) fruits (honey melon, pineapple, watermelon) and dessert (peach cake).

The dory fish was not fresh and the pasta was too dry at most places. Only the carrots and broccoli taste fine.

The other option was chicken with rice which turned out to taste better than the fish pasta.

On the return flight the food tastes much better.

Red wine to go with the braised beef slices. The potatoes, carrots and broccoli taste fine too.

Appetiser: chicken slices and pickled vegetables. Fruits: Apple, pineapple and honey melon.

I think this is prune cake. Sometimes the meals served are quite delicious.


  1. I like Tiger Airways flight meals

    1. Theirs more to local food such as nasi lemak, briyani, curry chicken rice etc

  2. Remind me of Turkish Airway that we flew to Europe.

    Everything looked good and such a portion. You can finish them??

  3. Went Taiwan? Eh apa benda, did you vote last week?

  4. this is such a sumptuous meal! I would prefer the rice with chicken too!

  5. The food looks very attractive.

  6. The food looks good! Were you able to finish the food?

  7. Looks pretty good and there's a variety of things.

  8. I always avoid pasta food onboard as they tend to be on the dry side. An Italian chef would tell us to eat pasta within an hour after cooking.

  9. The fish pasta...... not appealing at all from its appearance =.="