Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pavilion CNY Decor

Finally on CNY Day 2 (17 Feb 2018, Saturday), I managed to get some time out to go to Pavilion Mall to admire the CNY decoration.

No animals - Golden Bird or Golden Ram like previous years, only many petals dropping from the sky. According to news reports, there are 8,888 Prosperity Petals up there above our heads.

There is a beautiful arch of pink and purple flowers hanging above the steps. I believe these flowers are inspired by Wisteria flowers.

Even the stage has a picture of a huge pink flower. I think it is a rose but my friend says it is a peony.

Close up look at the petals and pink "wisteria" flowers high, high, high up there near the ceiling.

Lift your head up and you will see the petals dropping on you.

Side View.

Closer look at the arch of "wisteria" flowers.

Many people are sitting below the arch.

There are two "wisteria" trees with flowers on each side of the steps.

The center display is an interactive electronic screen. Sometimes it displays a few beautiful scenery one after another and at times it has instructions to wave our hands in a certain way for the screen to display some greetings and wishes.

At the back of the screen are these three statues of Fu Lu Shou (福祿壽) - Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou) Immortals.

So for CNY 2018, it is the Dream Garden of Prosperity from Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Do you think this decor is better than previous years or do you prefer animals decor? I can't wait for the decor for CNY 2019.


  1. I like last year golden phoenix decor

  2. Wow!! I love their decors with generous flowers like a Chinese Garden. This Pavilion is always generous in budget to decorate during festive seasons.
    Last night, I was blown over by the video my friend showed me on the CNY decors at Genting Hotel. Unbelievable and 3-D to the maximum.

    1. even before CNY they have the hologram entertainment. I think I read on Claire's blog or NuxV blog before.

  3. Nice effect of petals dropping!

    Hmm if you didn't mention that they had the zodiac animals previously, I'd have just thought nothing of their present theme. But since you did, I guess it was to avoid the controversy of having dogs displayed. Hmmm there will be very few displays of next year's animal, poor piggy!

    1. I forgot how the cny decor is like 11 years ago.

  4. Beautiful CNY decor! I love flowers decor!

    1. I like the flowers in your garden better.