Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Biscuit is Best

Before we talk about food, I still have some Christmas Decor photos to share. I was in Penang recently and was amazed by the amount of effort and money Queensbay Mall put into their decorations. Judge for yourself from the following photos:

A pavilion with a dome roof surrounded by white angel statues.

At a few fixed times, the dome will open. Just look at the crowd waiting for this moment. 

A white mist will flow out from the Dome and a Christmas Tree will appear from within the Dome. 
Its colour even changes from green to red. I did not stay to watch the Christmas Tree retreats into the Dome again.

Then snow will start falling from above. If you look hard enough, you may just see the white tiny dots (snow) in this photo.

Can you spot the two small oblong black boxes that are creating the snow and blowing them out? I believe the snow are made up of bubbles foam. I did not stand below them to let them fall onto my hair and clothes. Do you agree that they really went out of their way for this decor? I wonder how much it all costs to set this up.

 **** Now for the food:

Complimentary cheese biscuits. This time they poured some herb dressing on top whereas previously they did not. I would prefer that they did not do this but the herb dressing does not have any strong taste so the cheese biscuits taste just as nice as before.

Crispy on the outside and soft inside - simply delicious! I wish that they would sell this and put it on their menu so that I can buy many biscuits as takeaways to last me a week.

We ordered two mains.

Lobster Tail, Shrimps and Salmon - MYR 119.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST = MYR 139.80 nett). The lobster tail could be less salty. The salmon is tender and tasty. I don't like the shrimps because they are too crunchy so I won't ever eat shrimps here again. Should have known this from my previous visit to this chain. The half lemon saved the day by bringing a refreshing taste to this dish.

Sirloin steak with shrimps - MYR 79.90++ (MYR 93.15 nett). I hold the same opinion about the shrimps here too. The mashed potato was very tasty because it was creamy and not salty. I did not like the pepper gravy in the blue container so I did not use it after tasting it.

I could not bring myself to eat the steak with oozing juices so I asked for medium well. Not as tender as medium rare but still tender.

A cup of long black to share at MYR 7.90++ (MYR 9.20 nett). We just drank it black without any creamer nor sugar.

Total bill before and after 10% discount. We took half of the food home for dinner.


  1. Wow! The dome is amazing. Impressive.

    I like the seafood platter. Lobster, shrimp and salmon. All my favourite.

  2. Oh? You were in Penang? Wowwwww!!! The Christmas decor! And that lobster tail sure looks good!

  3. I am truly impressed that my hometown could come up with such a fabulous Christmas decor that could open up like magic! Muahahaha
    I have always loved to eat bisquits more than buns. This is really American food.

    1. Next year do visit your hometown to support its xmas decor, ok?

  4. Very impressive Christmas decoration! I too won't be able to eat the red steak. I rather have the lobster!

  5. Definitely a wow for that Christmas display! And we would have thought the best ones are in KL hehe.

    You have to find another source of 'biscuits' then.

    1. I was surprise they put in so much effort. Nah, next time I just tell them not to put the gravy on the biscuits.

  6. Lobster, shrimps and salmon for me

  7. Replies
    1. Go to the mall is a way to escape the hot weather.