Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Back for more

The previous Monday was a Public Holiday so we went to Ticklish at the Gardens Mall for their Monday special which is pork coated with salted egg yolk. We ordered half a portion of pork ribs (3 pieces) coated with salted egg yolk and half a portion of spicy pork ribs (3 pieces) at MYR25.30 nett for each half portion. Very tasty as before with the tender meat falling off the bones and with the full flavour of salted egg yolk. Definitely a must eat for salted egg yolk fans. It would be nice if they make this salted egg yolk pork dish a regular in their menu so that fans can order it any day instead of having to wait for Monday.

We also ordered pork chop coated with salted egg yolk with rice at MYR26.40 nett after including the 10% service charge. There is a side of salad to go with it.

As with the pork ribs, the taste of the salted egg yolk is strong and very tasty with curry leaves taste added to the batter but the pork chop is a bit thin as can be seen from the photo above.

This dish is named "SSShock Sendiri" - battered lean pork with a little bit of spicy, sweet and salty sauce - at MYR22 nett. We had it with rice. The pork is quite thin too like the pork chop. The rice is soft and a bit sticky like Japanese rice which we enjoyed eating very much. For this dish, there was no salad provided. I only thought of this now while writing this post. Maybe next time I will ask them about this if I get a dish with salad and a dish without salad.

"Lazy Bones" - MYR30 nett. Basically this is the meat from the pork ribs which they stripped from the bones so that it is convenient for those who wants to eat the pork ribs but find it too difficult to eat it from the bones. We ordered pasta to go with it. A side of salad is provided for this dish too.

Total bill is MYR143 nett which is still lower than the price of a hotel buffet meal for one pax and all four of us are full. Perhaps it is because we are small eaters. For drinks, we ordered 2 cups of green tea at MYR5.50 nett each.

After eating both pork chops and pork ribs, we find that for better value, it is better to go for the pork ribs although the pork chop has a lower price. This is because the pork ribs are meatier than the pork chops. Maybe we will eat here again next year.


  1. I'd go for the ribs, look so good...and so cheap!!!

  2. The ribs! Wow...for the price you get such a delish meal, I am on to there soon.

  3. Everything looks good to me. I must come and eat here one fine day.

  4. Gosh! Everything is so delicious looking. I want to taste everything.

  5. Seeing the ribs, they reminded me of Jack Daniels BBQ ribs... TGIF!

  6. I'm a sucker for pork chops & eat it almost every week. Love to try your version too. xoxo

    1. I guess you do your own pork BBQ. More tasty.

  7. Same as STP, I would go for the ribs too, yum yum

  8. I am definitely a salted egg yolks fan anytime. Their food presentation is delicious using nice plates and containers!

  9. I'm very tempted to go now thanks to your reviews!