Monday, August 6, 2018

WG Beef Pie Dave Deli

Beef Mushroom Pie at Dave Deli, Midvalley Mall at MYR 11.55 nett after 30% discount for weekday lunch.

The fillings of the beef pie is very tasty and I kept half for later. There is a wedge of sweet potatoes among the wedges of carrots. I wish that they give me more wedges of sweet potatoes.

Lunch for 2 pax at MYR 25.25 nett. This 30% discount is such a good deal.


  1. The beef pie looks juicy and tasty. I love both carrots and sweet potatoes. You are really a small eater. I sure get hungry again very fast if I eat the pie and to think you only ate half of it.

  2. Gotta KIV this - I bet I will enjoy it!

  3. yea, it is a good deal. Me and my colleague always choose Dave Deli over others whenever we are craving for some chicken chops...

    1. I have not tried the chicken chops because I prefer other meat.

  4. I love beef pie and am looking forwards to Dave's Deli at Starling.

  5. Love those filling in the pie, dear! xoxo

  6. I was there last week to eat their chicken chop. They need to improve as other places are better now.
    I will try this pie next time.

  7. Tasty beef pie? Hmmm...I must go check out the one in Ipoh.

  8. Maybe that sweet potato mistakenly got in there haha. Looks the same as the carrot wedges.

    The pie looks good actually.