Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rice puffs

These are tasty snacks - rice puffs and green peas in different flavours.

Please click on the photo above to get a larger image to read the ingredients used to make this snack.

Bought other similar snacks to try if they taste similar.

There are explanations at the back of the packs about the different flavours.

Another two packs but they have almonds and peanuts instead of green peas. Bought them at Daiso at MYR 5.57 nett per pack.


  1. Yes, they are tasty, I like green peas with wasabi flavour

    1. I like to eat wasabi too but not too much.

  2. I bought quite a lot of these snacks in Daiso Osaka.. their packaging caught my eye...I like the popcorn ones!

  3. Didn't realise Daiso has these.