Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WG Upgraded Look

Value Set Lunch at SoloMen with 4 choices of Ramen, 5 choices of side dish: 1) Gyoza 2) Mini Octopus 3) Salad 4) Sliced scallops 5) Fried Rice and  refillable green tea (Hot or Cold).

My lunch order: Shoyu Ramen (MYR 16.90 nett) with Gyoza and cold green tea. Good value for money. Of course I had to keep half for my dinner.

The bowl has 2 indentations for the chopsticks to rest on as shown above.

Solomen has improved on its exterior by changing its glass door to a wooden sliding door and putting up a Noren (暖簾) which is a traditional Japanese fabric divider hung in doorways. Wooden lattice has also been installed outside the glass walls as a privacy screen.

Bill for 3 pax: MYR 60.60 nett.

A closer look at the Noren and the wooden lattice.

I ordered the same lunch set - Shoyu Ramen (MYR 16.90 nett) on another visit but with hot tea and scallop side dish instead.

I believe these are the "skirt" of the scallops marinated in vinegar and sesame sauce. The slices are thin but quite tough to chew so I don't think I will order this side dish again. I will order the Gyoza side dish again next time or try the fried rice side dish.

Total bill for 4 pax: MYR 73.60 nett.


  1. Your ramen set looked delicious. Oh my, chewy scallop salad? I wouldn't enjoy that.

  2. I like their sets at that very reasonable prices that comes with our own choice of side dishes. I am surprised their scallops were tough to chew. Must be 80 years old scallops like old beef. Hee hee

    1. I think they use the skirtings around the main scallops and not the main round scallops.

  3. I guess with the side dish and free flow of green tea, it is not all that expensive. Most importantly, it is nice, value for money.

  4. I like Japanese ramen with gyoza side dish. Yummzzz!

  5. Lovely combination, dear! xoxo

  6. The name Solomen sounds like it is a place for single guys to dine. Hahaha.

  7. Replies
    1. 20 should be the max I guess for 1 pax.

  8. I wanted to say the name Solomen sounds like eating Ramen alone, Solo (alone) and men (Ramen), lol

  9. Value for money all right. Food looks good too.