Sunday, March 18, 2018

WG Chicken Pineapple Rice

My friend told me that there is a hawker stall that sells delicious western fare in this coffee shop that she frequents but I don't eat western fare in coffee shops so I chose chicken rice with no sauce and half a portion of rice at MYR 5.5 nett for my lunch. I bought a slice of pineapple from another stall at MYR 1.5 nett and ate it together with the chicken meat and rice. Tasty! All for a total of MYR 7 nett.

This is the coffee shop - Yu Yiee at Damansara Jaya.


  1. I like pineapple in my meals too, i am sure this combination must be tasty

  2. The rice looks flavourful and I do prefer roast chicken too. For a while< I thought you were going to share about the Thai pineapple fried rice.

    1. Ya, when mentioned pineapple and rice together, pineapple fried rice often appears in our thoughts.

  3. at first I thought the pineapple slice is part of the chicken rice serving. :D

  4. I even thought it is a Thai Fried Pineapple rice! Muahahaha

  5. I thought the pineapple was served together with the chicken rice. Lol!

  6. I also thought it was a new way of making 'chicken pineapple rice'!