Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Layer by Layer

I wanted to try the burger here after my friend said that it was tasty so I had it on our next lunch there.

Pork Burger set - MYR14.85 nett which includes a drink (lemon tea - hot/cold) and a scoop of ice cream.

After removing the bun on top, I can see that there are a few slices of pork belly and 1 thin slice of cheese (which I have removed) on top of the pork patty.

Below the pork patty are layers of coleslaw, a fried egg, slices of cucumber and leaves of lettuces. After eating this burger, I agree with my friend that it is tasty and worth the price. 

My friend ordered the pasta set at the same price. She likes it too.

Total Bill for 2 pax at Uncle Don's, SS2: MYR29.70 nett.


  1. I like the pork burger because oink oink is one of my favourites

  2. Oh me oh my!!! The pork looks gorgeous. Have not had a burger since dunno when, maybe I should go and grab one one of these days.

  3. The pork burger looked delicious but I would like to leave out the coleslaw.

  4. Oh yes, oink oink burger for me, please!

  5. Wow.. first time I see pork belly in burger... Looks very appetizing... but dont think I can finish one whole burger myself..

  6. The pork burger looks like something that I would order. When I saw your post title, I thought you ate kueh lapis. LOL!

    1. you have not been to this affordable casual eatery yet? hahaha kueh lapis is too small to eat layer by layer! :D

  7. Spaghetti looks normal but oh the burger! So much stuff inside.