Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tamarind Drink

We visited Wonton & Pho again for lunch during one weekend. The beef pho is still as tasty as before at MYR12.90 nett. We also ordered a glass of hot tea at MYR2.50 nett.

I ordered a small bowl of wonton noodles (soup) at MYR8.90 nett and a small portion of BBQ pork (char siew) at MYR8 nett. 

Then they let us try a new drink - Tamarind drink (foc). I feel as if I am drinking cold diluted tamarind peanut sauce so I did not like it. We felt quite bad for not finishing the free Tamarind drinks but they were too sweet for us and taste too much like diluted ice cold Tamarind peanut sauce.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR32.30 nett.


  1. The Char Siew looks so shiny and delicious, I have not tried Tamarind Drink before

  2. AAAHHHH muunnnn if only i can translate how much i love Tamarind. We have candies here in the Philippines and love it so much. Wish i was there to dine with you brother!

  3. I wish we had pho here. I would enjoy that for sure!

  4. Everything looks so good. I hope they open up other outlets later.

  5. It has been years since I last drank this Tamarind juice. It is definitely the best drink after eating the meaty Beef Pho and BBQ Pork.

    1. does the drink you had before taste like what i have described? with chopped peanuts?

  6. i miss Vietnamese pho!!! the price is reasonable for both noodles.

  7. I love beef pho and the char siew looks good. I have not tasted tamarind drink. I can't imagine how it will taste like. Ha ha!